Insert Here, To Fix Everything (2019)

This project was a response to the Science Gallery Dublin PLASTIC exhibition.

A challenging way to visualise usage of recycling bins for the duration of this exhibition.

Hacked bathroom scales and laser sensors were placed inside each recycling bin in the gallery. This data was made available online for public access and visualisation.

The screen showed a large grassy field and blue sky, over which a mysterious black hole hovered.
Each time a bin was used within the gallery, a random piece of rubbish would fall from the sky and settle in the grass. A reminder not to forget about your waste after you bin it and to question the underlying infrastructures and stakeholders in recycling.

Inspired by Evgeny Morozov’s book To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly Of Technological Solutionism, it is an interactive meditation on solutionism, smart tech, the sentient city, the Internet of Things & recycling.

[Tech: Processing/NodeRed/AdafruitIO/ESP8266/electronic scales/motion sensor]