64 Things To Worry About v3.0 (2017)

64 Things To Worry About (2017)

64 Things To Worry About was a response to the saturation of news media and the inherent biases of click-bait headlines, social media and editorial pressures in the digital frontier.

This piece consists of a matrix of colour changing lights set in a frame that can be hung on the wall in a prominent position.

Each light changes colour across a spectrum of green to red, and each light represents an existential threat to the future of the world. Earthquakes, radioactivity, solar radiation, global warming and the use of certain critical words on social and news media are all represented.

What is displayed is a general heat map of the state of the world.

Rather than trying to read between the lines on multiple news sources to gauge how you should feel about the future each day, a quick glance at this interface can tell you if you can go ahead with your life, or maybe stay at home with your loved ones today.

[Tech: Arduino/ESP8266/RGB LEDs/Data gathering cloud server]