Black Box II: The Conspiracy Capitalizer (2021)

The Conspiracy Capitalizer

Remove the the context from social media and all that is left is the individual’s desire for validation and community, the corporate drive to ensnare the unsure, or the political push to recruit.

Blindly adjust the settings to elicit the greatest response. Imbue each switch with its own mythology. Send waves of controversy without polluting your own mind.

Set the controls for the heart of the void.

The Conspiracy Capitalizer generates conspiracy-rooted tweets based on the settings placed into it by the user for personal satisfaction or commercial gain.

Based on design probes that use Twitter bots to engage with and harvest content from multi-level marketing and conspiracy-based social media. Data is passed through Tensorflow AI processes to produce new content for the Conspiracy Capitalizer.

[Tech: Raspberry Pi/Arduino/Tensorflow Cloud]