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Robert has worked on installations with Dorothy Cross, Vivienne Dick and Brian O’Doherty, among others, and has provided technical support, workshops, software and art installation skills for the National Sculpture Factory, The Crawford Gallery, The Triskel/Black Mariah, The Digital Hub, Dublin Contemporary, IMMA, The National Gallery of Ireland and at various events around the country. In 2010, he started a company, ClockWorks, which is an umbrella for his various skills.

Robert Collins spent much of the 1990s traveling, tinkering with computers and electronic music, playing in various bands around Dublin, presenting a show on pirate radio and running once-off multimedia events.

In 1999 he moved to Cork and spent a couple of years as an IT Manager before becoming involved in the arts scene. After a successful series of workshops in Audio Theory and Sound design at the Cork Artists Collective he began providing technical support to artists and events in the area.

In 2003, he co-founded and managed Blue Monkey Recording Studio, which produced and recorded various bands and musicians until 2007. During this time he was closely involved with the Guesthouse Project art space and was one of the founder members of the Electric Rain and CC:Revolver multimedia/art events.

In 2009, he was one of the founder members of Camden Palace Hotel community arts centre in Cork and also started Corks first HackerSpace as a co-operative workshop for cutting edge technology.

In 2012 he spent three months on a sabbatical in San Francisco providing technical support for the Disposable Film Festival, developing projection- mapping software and applications at NoiseBridge and working on a collaborative interactive video piece for the Sunset Art Crawl in April. He also used the time to develop his knowledge of projection-mapping, 3D animation and video post-production. Since returning to Ireland, he has been working at the Digital Hub, researching and implementing streaming video lectures and blended, interactive learning. He is also developing an interactive projection mapping system with RealEvents and Think Design for use in large publicity events.

In 2015, he completed an MSc in Interactive Media, focusing on Critical Design and the Sentient City.

Robert is an experimenter in hardware and software with a special interest in interactive audio and visual work. He mainly works with MAX/MSP, Processing and Arduino, and has a wide knowledge of audio and video software. He derives great satisfaction from working with artists to realise challenging concepts through the use of emerging technologies.

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